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Our Company

Vector was born in 1993 manufacturing mesh line for the national company Virutex-Ilko. Since its inception, growth has been based on the development of all kinds of meshes and accessories, manufacturing wire meshes in galvanized steel, stainless steel, special steels, and other materials, with different thicknesses and different patterns. With this we served mining, agriculture and construction industries and all industry in general.

To improve its service to the end user, Vector acquired Fenedi and later Vientos, thus forming the Vector Group and adding the field installation service to its portfolio of products and services.

More than 800 kilometers installed with construction companies, airports, photovoltaic parks, industries, etc. back our service.

Grupo Vector does not stop, it continues adding new products and services that provide security to our users and offer business opportunities to our distributors.

Screens, filters, protection of equipment and windows, fences, cages, hatcheries, polyethylene film, raschel mesh and other materials for construction and the home, are some of the main uses that our products have.